What’s there to do when you visit Columbus OH? You’re going to find all kinds of wonderful attractions in the state capital city. I’m going to start you off with the state fair because it would just be such a wonderful place to explore with the family. If it’s not in season when you visit, don’t worry because I’ve got some other great ideas, too, for when you visit Columbus OH.

The Ohio Expo Center & State Fair is on East 17th Avenue, which is nearby some other attractions, too. You are going to find all kinds of things to do wherever you go in the city of Columbus. There are other events held at the complex besides the fair when it’s not in operation. The complex is a total of 20 buildings, and the entire state fair site is a whopping 360 acres. Doesn’t a state fair with the family sound like so much fun?

Would you like to take a picture with the world’s largest gavel? It is quite enormous for sure, and its location is 65 South Front Street. It can be an attraction that you just visit for a minute or two to see it and take a great family photo. When do you get to see such an enormous landmark that looks so out of place? Pull up an image of it so that you know what it looks like, and just wait until you see it in person.

Antrim Park is one of the best attractions to visit in Columbus because you’re going to be right on the river. You might not be looking to go for a jog if you are vacationing with your family, but this park is a great place to take a stroll or chill and relax, perhaps even enjoy a picnic. You will find Antrim Park on Olentangy River Road, and of course you can also imagine that it’s a great place to enjoy a fishing adventure.

That fishing adventure sounds like so much fun. So does the fair and the other things to do mentioned in this piece. Plan to do what you think sounds like fun, and enjoy the time you have in Columbus OH with your family. You’re going to get up close and personal with Columbus OH, and you’re really going to like what you see. This is going to be a fun vacation experience.

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